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I am just counting down the minutes until I can get out of this town, altogether.
Give me a year and I will never come back.

Jun. 3rd, 2009

Fix my Mazda MX-3 or buy a 2005 Honda Civic Sedan?

Fix the Mazda MX-3
Buy the Honda, it's shiny!
I will fix the Mazda at a discount price for you because you are super fantastic!

I am having anxieties about selling my car, because I love it and because I want to move out in the next 30 days. Please help me make a decision.


Where did the last month and a half go? Seriously?! We are days away from June already!
Last night I went to sleep at 1am, which is a rare occurrence and I can't recall last time this has happened. The end.


Ever since hanging out with Sheila the other night I have had this stuck in my mind, now I am obsessed with it!



It is seemingly inevitable that with the amount I have been working in recent times that my brain should turn to mush when it comes time to write anything of substance here.

I am considering enrolling myself in Human Biology and an English class for the upcoming fall semester at UFV. Although my job is mildly entertaining I miss using my brain, and Human Biology is a pre-entrance requirement for the program I want to get into at VCC. I miss school, and I think about how much I miss it quite a lot.

Situations are not what I would like them to be at home, I was actually subject to a dirty look courtesy of my father the other day when I was getting into my car. To be quite honest I do not even talk to him anymore, and try to avoid him at all costs when I am around the house. It's alright, I will soon be free again (I hope).

A couple of days ago I ran into one of my high school teachers, he was really stoned. The entire incidence was just very Mission. He was my favourite teacher in high school.

And in conclusion, this is something beautiful..